Syracuse University

Global Collaboratories

SU is catalyzing expertise across academe, industry, and communities to model collaboration that transcends geographic and intellectual boundaries to take on real-world challenges, as in the following examples.

Arts, Humanities and Design

SU won a national competition to become the new home of Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life—a national consortium of more than 85 colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design. 

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Neighborhood and Cultural Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurs who will drive economic growth and job creation through the 21st century increasingly will come from our cities, from groups whose talents have gone largely untapped. SU is catalyzing communities of experts locally, nationally, and globally to tap that talent, as evident in the following projects.

SU as Anchor Institution

As an anchor institution in the city of Syracuse, Syracuse University is building on its historical strengths and pursuing collaborations that simultaneously enrich scholarship and research and change the face of this older industrial city. Through extensive partnerships with the public, private and non-profit sectors, we create meaningful opportunities for students and faculty to learn and discover, while tackling pressing issues in our city that resonate in our nation and world. The collaborations are focused in five key interlocking areas:

  • Arts, design, and technology
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Global collaboratories
  • Inclusive urban education
  • Neighborhood and cultural entrepreneurship

Art, Design and Technology


SU’s groundbreaking partnerships in this area are helping rejuvenate cultural and economic life locally with strategies that resonate globally, as in the following examples.

Inclusive Urban Education

Urban schools across present some of the most important challenges facing our nation and our world, as population growth shifts increasingly toward ethnic groups concentrated in our cities. SU is taking these challenges on with partners from all sectors, as exemplified by the following.

Near Westside Initiative

Combining the power of art, technology and innovation -- with neighborhood values and culture -- this initiative is working to revitalize Syracuse’s Near Westside neighborhood.

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Environmental Sustainability

Drawing upon regional strengths ranging from the cultures of Native peoples to research and technology strengths cutting across academe and industry, SU is leading collaborative projects targeting crucial environmental challenges. The following are examples.