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Grades, Grading Options

Final Grades

Students may view and print their grades through MySlice. To view grades, login to MySlice and click the View Grades link in the Student Services > Enrollment section.

Or request a formal grade report or transcript from the Registrar's Office using our transcript request form. Requests for a formal grade report in addition to or instead of your official transcript should be specified in the special handling section of the form.

  • A formal grade report is an official document presenting a student's courses and grades from only one semester.

An official transcript includes the entire record of all credit-bearing coursework and grades from all programs (undergraduate and graduate, matriculated and non-matriculated) taken at Syracuse University.

Grading Options


  • audit a course,
  • elect a pass/fail grading option, or
  • elect a letter-grade option in some pass/fail-graded courses

complete a Grading Option Application, available in school/college or department offices, or the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall. Obtain the required approval signature(s), and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office by the grading option deadline. Part-time University College students submit the completed form to University College Bursar and Registration, 700 University Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions (for Students)

Mid-semester Progress Reports

Mid-semester progress reports are provided to first-year and transfer students who have matriculated during the current academic year, student athletes, and students receiving additional support services who are enrolled in courses numbered 100-599. Students for whom a mid-semester progress report has been submitted will see a link to View Mid-Sem Progress Rpt in MySlice under the Student Services > Advising and My Academics > Advising once the reports are available, around mid-term.

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