Syracuse University


MSPR Guidelines

The MSPR roster displays 10 students at one time. Click the right arrow symbol, Right or 'Next' Arrow button, to see more students. You can also click View All, but the column headers may not be visible as you scroll further down the page.

MAC Users: It is recommended that you use Firefox as your browser.

Performance Indicators

All indicators checked and comments entered when submitted will display to student.

  • Recommendations and Comments Section: Any comment you enter in the Recommendations & Comments tab will display to the student. If you enter a comment, you must also check at least one performance indicator.
  • Satisfactory Performance to Date: Check if performance is satisfactory in all areas. If checked, you do not need to check any of the specific performance indicators. Note: "Satisfactory Performance to Date" is not a default.
  • Outstanding Performance to Date: Check for the purpose of recommending to students more academically challenging opportunities, e.g., invitations to take Honors courses. When checked, the Satisfactory Performance to Date field will be checked by default.
  • Unsatisfactory: Check for the deficient area(s).
  • Current Grade (optional): Enter a grade assessing performance to date. Only full grades, e.g., A, B, C, D, and F, may be reported. If you enter a grade, you must also check at least one performance indicator.