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July 30, 2012

SU Voices highlights the opinion writings recently published by members of the University community. Faculty or staff wishing to learn more about writing and publishing op-eds can contact News Services at 443-9038,

Rick Burton: "An Ad Block on the Olympics or One Unit on the Super Bowl?"
"With the Summer Olympics opening July 27 and the NFL pre-season a week or so later, it's a good time to pose this advertising quandary: Which option is the wiser choice, buying a block of ads on the Olympics, spread, let's say, over two weeks, or one unit on the Super Bowl?"

Dana Radcliffe: "Should Companies Obey the Law If Breaking It Is More Profitable?"
"The firm did violate the law, but was its conduct really wrong -- morally wrong -- or did it merely miscalculate the "legal risks"?"

Roy Gutterman: "FCC v. Fox: More on Fleeting Expletives"
"Curse words and nudity, even fleeting or spontaneous profanity and brief naked bodies may still be off-limits on broadcast television, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) needs to issue clearer guidelines and standards with plenty of notice to broadcasters, the US Supreme Court ruled on June 21, 2012."

Kevin Noble Maillard: "Where Is the Dad in Parenting?"
"I would never have guessed obedience to be the best attribute of male parenting. But it speaks loudly of the presumed noninterest of men and their disengagement as parents."

Shannon Meehan: "Shades of Guilt in One Soldier's Purple Heart"
"As a veteran of a recent war, I feel it is important to look past the general niceties spouted over heroic service, and to truly reflect upon the costs of war, and to honor the complexities of the situation that we soldiers are fighting in."

Kevin Noble Maillard: "Elizabeth Warren's Birther Moment"
"If you are 1/32 Cherokee and your grandfather has high cheekbones, does that make you Native American? It depends."

Len Burman: "The Buffett Rule: Right Goal, Wrong Tool"
"As part of reform, we should correct the underlying defects that let multimillionaires like Mr. Buffett and Mitt Romney pay relatively low taxes — namely, those lightly taxed capital gains and dividends."

Gina Pauline: "Why are so few women in sport's front offices?"
"It will take the concentrated, collaborative efforts of both men and women with decision-making authority to change the landscape of the sport industry and workplaces in all industries."

Kheli R. Willetts: "Omanii Abdullah and Nanette Bustanoby show the value of mentors"
"'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' In this case, the email suggested to me that one's journey through life often begins with a single act."

Mike Haynie: "Hire a vet: It helps the bottom line "
"For the better part of the past year, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been jobless at a rate that is 4% to 7% higher than nonveterans."

Jerry Evensky: "Passion for teaching matters"
"We've all had teachers we remember as strong, maybe even as inspiring. For me, Herbert Behrend was such a teacher."

Shannon Meehan: "Why we don't need a parade"
"I am a former soldier who would theoretically be honored by such a parade. Yet the idea troubles me — in large part because many men I fought with in Iraq are still in harm’s way."

Dana Radcliffe: "Should Public Policy Conform to "God's Law"?"
"There is nothing wrong with a politician's being motivated by religious reasons to champion controversial policies. But he has to understand that, in a modern democracy, such policies must be publicly justified by moral reasons whose persuasive power does not depend on their connections to religious dogmas."

Roy S. Gutterman: "This night at the Carrier Dome, free speech won"
"Though the Westboro Baptist Church never showed Dec. 2 at Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome, all was not lost."

Arlene Kanter: "We can and must do better for disabled people"
"Many — far too many — still live in institutions or institution-like group homes, and many more live in poverty, without access to adequate support, education or employment."

Mike Haynie: "Step-Up Now or Suit-Up Later: The Choice Is Ours"
"There's no question that the events of 9/11 impacted every American in some way, but a small minority has shouldered the burden of a decade at war."

Eric Kingson: "Distorting and dissembling to sell Social Security cuts"
"Long-time opponents of the current Social Security program share a propensity for embracing ever shifting misleading if not outright incorrect arguments to support their position."

Kelly Lux: "#College101: Make sure you like your digital self"
"What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. This didn’t matter much when you were in high school. But trust me, from now on, it really matters."

Robert Thompson: "Harry Potter's Magical 14-Year Gift"
"There are lots of people out there who don’t remember there ever being a time in which you couldn’t anxiously anticipate the next installment in the "Harry Potter" universe. That time, alas, has now come again."

Mike Haynie: "Unlock capital for small business"
"The United States should create a national microlending program positioned to provide ready access to capital to small business."

Roy S. Gutterman: "Violent Video Games and the First Amendment"
"Play again, kids. Those video games, even the ones depicting extreme violence, are protected by the First Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled."

Michael Gecan and Eric Kingson : "The COLA conundrum: Social Security payment doesn't really reflect inflation"
"The same country that landed on the moon and defeated several virulent versions of totalitarianism now spends its time looking for tricky and deceptive ways to siphon funds from its own seniors."

Robert Thompson: "Oprah and the USA - Why So Many Americans Loved Following Her In Pursuit of Happiness"
"Life will go on, even without “Oprah,” but we may find ourselves thinking about her whenever our jeans aren’t fitting or our dreams aren’t working."

Cathryn R. Newton: "Syracuse University scientist reflects on the Deepwater Horizon explosion"
"Deepwater Horizon, as a shipwreck story with epic consequences, is part of a large pattern of centuries of oil, metal, plastic, and other contaminations of the ocean."

Horace Campbell: "West lacks moral authority for Libya intervention"
"All progressive persons must be opposed to any form of Western military intervention in Africa in this revolutionary moment."

Roy S. Gutterman: "Westboro Ruling: The Bad and the Uglier for the Greater Good "
"When it comes to public issues, sometimes we need to accept a little bit of the ugly for the greater good."

Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson: "Honoring the man who saved Social Security"
"Most Americans would not know the name Robert M. Ball, but all owe him a huge debt of gratitude."

Roy S. Gutterman: "In video game argument, a carnival atmosphere prevailed"
"Supreme Court cases often generate interest from groups with a stake in the matter, but this case seemed to bring a little more."

Keith Bybee: "Politics or impartiality in the courtroom?"
"If we think that people not only seek principled and impartial judgment from courts, but also may wish merely to drape themselves in law’s mantle of principled impartiality, then we can begin to see how a court shot through with paradoxical tensions may cohere."

Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson: "Touching the 'third rail' on Social Security"
"If politicians choose to cut Social Security benefits, when they could simply scrap the cap, we predict that this midterm will seem like a walk in the park compared to what awaits them in 2012."

Keith Bybee: "Judicial Ethics: Appearances Still Matter "
"Judicial legitimacy depends on the ability of judges to convey the impression that their actions are driven by the impersonal requirements of law. It is not enough merely to avoid actual improprieties; judges must also visibly appear to play the role of impartial arbiter to sustain public support."

Paula Johnson: "Thurgood Marshall paved way for Elena Kagan to join Supreme Court"
"For the first time, there are three women sitting simultaneously on the high court. Four women have served. All members of the Supreme Court had been white males until the appointment of Thurgood Marshall, who became the first African-American justice on the Supreme Court in 1967."

Eric Kingson: "Social Security protects our children"
"Children have a stake in living in the kind of society that maintains a sound and compassionate Social Security program, and that we have an obligation to pass it forward, without diminishing its value."

Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson: "Has Obama created a Social Security 'death panel'?"
"President Obama and the leadership in Congress have delegated enormous, unaccountable authority to 18 unrepresentative, inordinately wealthy individuals. "

Youlonda Copeland-Morgan: "College students need financial literacy"
"Traditionally, financial aid professionals are most recognized for one thing: helping students pay for college. But now more than ever, we are also seeing the growing need to counsel students who are in way over their head with personal financial issues."

Louis Kriesberg: "A new approach to Israeli-Palestinian conflict"
"Although the clash between the U.S. and Israeli governments about the Israeli government’s planned housing expansion in East Jerusalem may be abating, the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no closer."

Rick Burton: "Author of 'Red Badge' loved the game more than his studies"
English literature scholars and historians have long known that football played a major role in Stephen Crane's development of his Civil War novel, "The Red Badge of Courage." Although Crane mentions football, boxing and even playing marbles in "Red Badge," recent research in Syracuse University's archives shows that baseball also played a significant role in the novel's development.

Pramod K. Varshney: "Adding noise can improve accuracy of digital mammograms"
"Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) - computer programs that double check a mammogram for abnormal areas of density, mass or calcification that may indicate the presence of cancer - have advanced radiologists' diagnostic performance."

Len Burman: "Personal savings need a boost"
"America's days of economic dominance are numbered because we don't save. The government is borrowing like crazy, and households aren't doing much better... The next crash will be much easier to handle if we have money in the bank."

Ruth V. Small and Marilyn P. Arnone: "Information literacy is essential for the 21st century"
"Access to information is no longer an issue for most people, but being able to evaluate and manage the extraordinary amounts of information available to us is a major challenge."

Lynne Foster: "Supporting local food entrepreneurs helps Central New York economy"
"In Central New York, our local farmers' markets markets — spanning from Liverpool to the South Side to Camillus — are a colorful array of our local bounty. And the farmers themselves are some of our region's most successful food entrepreneurs."

Tom Lumpkin: "Wanted: entrepreneurial thinking on health care"
"While politicians argue the nuts and bolts of a national health care plan, few are tapping into our nation's entrepreneurial strengths to help achieve reform. Perhaps entrepreneurial thinking has been absent from this debate because we don't want to think of doctors as risk-takers or prescription drugs as "creative solutions." But health care reform involves more than doctors and pills, and fresh thinking and innovative remedies are needed."

.Arsalan Kahnemuyipour and Ebrahim K. Soltani: "Iran's religious dictatorship cannot survive the swelling democracy movement"
"With the beginning of the fall, a new academic year resumes in Iran, an event typically colored with feelings of joy and excitement for students. This year, however, both the ruling elite and the public approach the occasion with a sense of both fear and hope over their future. These conflicting sentiments are rooted in the aftermath of the highly disputed June 12 presidential election, which led to a second-term presidency for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the formation of a large-scale social uprising known as the Green Movement."

WallersteinMitchel B. Wallerstein: "Time is right to fight global warming"
"With the news of colleges and universities releasing their plans for implementing and funding their carbon-reduction initiatives, the question many are asking is whether, given the current economic situation, this is really the right time to make such an investment? We believe the answer to that question is yes."

Reed-HuffLaVonda Reed-Huff: "Clear Channel radio games hurt Syracuse listeners"
"Access to the media and diversity of ownership have been crippled since passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and other congressional and Federal Communication Commission actions."

TurnipseedTerry Turnipseed: "Fair or Foul? Inheritance-Driven Adult Adoption Within Same-Sex Partnerships"
"There is a growing trend in this country—startling to many—of adopting one's adult lover or spouse for various (although mostly inheritance-based) reasons. Courts all around the country are struggling to figure out whether or not these adoptions should be upheld."

O'NeillKevin B. O'Neill: "Car dealerships helped to track life's journeys"
"In just a few weeks, one of America's great industrial migrations will be under way: The new 2010 car models will begin rolling into the nation's car dealerships. While this is typically accompanied by a figurative flourish of trumpets, this year's fleet arrives to the funereal drumbeat of dealerships slamming shut."

ThompsonRobert Thompson: "Let History Repeat Itself"
"Medieval artists in the Dark Ages were mostly oblivious to the achievements of their ancient forebears. Watching the television industry's attempts, over the last 10 years, to come to grips with advancements in digital and online technologies brings to mind these artists."

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