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Syracuse University to conduct Orange Alert, siren test on Wednesday

April 24, 2012

Sara Miller
(315) 443-9038

Syracuse University will conduct an e-mail/text message/cell voice/campus phone test of the ORANGE ALERT Campus Crisis Alert Notification System on Wednesday, April 25, at 12:30 p.m. This will also include a test of the ORANGE ALERT outdoor siren system on SU’s North and South campuses. 

For the purpose of this test, the ORANGE ALERT message will be sent to all SU students, faculty and staff; SUNY-ESF students; and to SUNY-ESF faculty and staff that have signed up. ORANGE ALERT will send a notice to all devices that are registered on the system.  

The sirens will be activated for a single 10-second blast at the time of the ORANGE ALERT test. The siren sound will likely be audible in the University-area communities.

Staff who are assigned two-way portable radios will also receive a test message over the radio at the time of the ORANGE ALERT test. 

The ORANGE ALERT test message will also be sent to the main SU Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will display on the Syracuse University homepage and video monitors located in common areas in several buildings around campus. 

More information about the Orange Alert emergency notification system is available at the Department of Public Safety’s "Orange Alert FAQ page."

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