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Office of Disability Services hosts art and literature exhibition

April 21, 2011

Sara Miller
(315) 443-9038

Syracuse University’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) will host a juried exhibition of more than 23 works of art and literature by individuals from ARISE, a nonprofit independent living center in Syracuse that promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. 

Each work in the exhibition, ranging from poetry to watercolors to paintings, will be showcased from Thursday, April 21, through May 15 at the Office of Disability Services’ campus location, on the third floor of 804 University Ave., adjacent to Huntington Hall. 

An artists’ reception on April 21 will be part of an open house of the ODS new space, and will allow guests to view the art works and speak with some of the artists. The reception begins at 4 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Disability accommodations will include audio descriptions, sign language interpreting, e-text, Braille and accessible facilities. 

The exhibition, “UNIQUE 2010: Celebrating Creativity” travels throughout Central New York and will include such pieces as: 

  • “Disappearing One,” a poem by Jennifer A. Fulco. Fulco, 42, is a writer who uses art to express emotions and creative surges.
  • “Allium,” a painting by Kristin Webb. Webb, 25, takes classes at SU and painted “Allium” because she loved the look of the flowers.
  • “Pretty Girl with Flowers in Her Hair,” a drawing by Jeffrey D. Harrington. Harrington, 20, uses his art to express what he can’t say easily.
  • “Cascade,” a painting by Timothy Wobus. Wobus, 26, speaks through his art and is focused, enthusiastic and animated while creating.
  • “Comedian,” by Joseph Rufo. Rufo, 17, branched out into oil paints to create a portrait of Jerry Seinfeld, using an orange background that represents the comedian’s smile;
  •  “Memory of Chittenango Falls,” by Mike Gaframcesco. Gaframcesco, 88, began painting after retirement and “Memory of Chittenango Falls” is inspired by one of his favorite fishing spots. 

Each of the juried pieces, reviewed by an editorial board of ARISE, are featured in ARISE’s most recent art and literary annual, UNIQUE. UNIQUE shares the artistic visions and voices of individuals with disabilities and represents the power of art to express, educate and inspire. Art comes in many forms and the creative work published in UNIQUE includes poems, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, computer-based art and mixed-media works. Artists and writers who are at least 8 years old, live in Central New York, and have a disability are encouraged to submit original visual and literary artwork to be considered for publication. 

It is the mission of ODS to support student success through a broad range of support services and accommodations. The new space for ODS on the third floor of 804 University Ave. provides greater room for the provision of support services and ODS administration. 

Viewing hours for “UNIQUE 2010: Celebrating Creativity” at ODS are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Individuals who require disability-related accomodations should contact ODS. For more information on the exhibition, contact Stephen H. Simon, ODS director, at 443-1128.

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