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La Casita Cultural Center to hold local Latino art exhibit

July 28, 2011

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La Casita Cultural Center’s soft opening will be celebrated in concurrence with the opening of an art exhibition “Motifs, Evocations,” a collective show by six local Latina/o artists on display Aug. 5-Sept. 18.

On Friday, Aug. 5, from 6-9 p.m., diverse publics and individuals from all walks of life will be in for a treat. They will celebrate the soon-to-be-opened La Casita Cultural Center with an impressive collection of art produced by Latina/o artists. They will enjoy the vibrancy of “Motifs, Evocations,” meet and listen to the artists, discuss their artistic production, and celebrate with food and music.

The La Casita team, led by faculty members from The College of Arts and Sciences, was getting ready to open its door to the public when a group of Latina/o artists—Juan Cruz, Esperanza Tielbaard, Abissay Puentes, Oscar Garces, Angela Arrey and Rodrigo Esparza—first gathered by invitation at its new space at 109 Otisco St. in mid-June, while construction was still under way. Almost immediately, the group decided to plan an exhibition to show their art collectively, working together to make the project possible with the support and guidance of the La Casita team. They realized that, as Latina/o artists hailing from regions of the Spanish-speaking Americas as diverse as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, they deeply welcomed spaces for conversation, exchange, creativity and cultural expression, and spaces in which to communicate the particular perspectives of their art to youth on the Near West Side and in the larger Syracuse community. They found this space of exchange and connection at La Casita.

For more information, contact 443-8743.

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