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Light Work, Urban Video Project announce November programming

November 03, 2010

Jessica Heckman
(315) 443-1300

Light Work, in collaboration with the Urban Video Project (UVP), has announced the lineup of November programming to be shown at two UVP sites. Through the month of November, UVP will feature work by Eva Davidova at the UVP Everson site, and Cliff Evans at the UVP Montgomery site. The selections were curated by Stephan Stoyanov.

Stoyanov was born in Bulgaria and has lived and curated in Paris and New York City, among other locations. He currently resides in New York City, and is the founder of the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, formerly known as the Luxe Gallery. Stoyanov also curated an exhibition for the Redhouse Gallery titled “Phantoms,” which also traveled to Brazil.

Davidova’s “Location One & Two” will be shown at the Everson Museum, 401 Harrison St. These very short videos are photography-based animation loops, where movement, time and spatial relationship are defined by the deliberate distortions in the process of blending a photo sequence. The pixels from one image are smoothly dragged and melted into those of the next one. Buildings and objects acquire impossible organic qualities, and the animations become almost sculptural. The affordances of spaces and structures are only dependent on the emotional state of the subject, and on the inner logic, or absurdity of each piece. Through invented and artificial, yet extremely realistic-looking, movements, as well as by changing the perception of time, Davidova searches for hidden patterns and looks into states of mind unconditioned by the “possible.”

Davidova’s work has been exhibited internationally, including at Magnan Projects Gallery, New York; Instituto Cervantes, Sofia, Bulgaria; Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain; N2 Gallery in Barcelona, Spain; and many others. She received a 2006 BANCAJA International Contest Award for Digital Art, the 2008 M-tel Award for Contemporary Bulgarian Art and the 2009 Djerassi Honorary Fellowship. In 2009, she participated in the Moscow Biennale and in the “Living and Dreaming” exhibition at the Bronx Museum, N.Y.

Evans’ “Untitled (Sketch for a monument to J.G. Ballard #3, 2009” will be shown at 321 Montgomery St. This composite of video footage is the first in a series of three “sketches” from which elements will later be taken to create a much larger virtual monument to the author J.G. Ballard. Within the video, disparate shots of an array of motorway overpasses and exchanges are stitched together in order to create a complex landscape of concrete, smoke and automobiles. The images hurtle through a dense arterial chaos of constructed time and sibilance, dissolving into a column of smoke and revealing their destination as circular and contained.

Evans is a multimedia artist whose work focuses primarily on political, popular and Internet culture, using appropriation and photomontage animation. His multi-channel installations and video objects have been shown internationally, including at the Chelsea Art Museum, Luxe Gallery, and Scope NY in New York City; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; Scope Miami; and the Chinese International Gallery Exposition in Beijing; among many others. He has also been an artist-in-residence at Boston Symphony Orchestra Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass.; Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston; and Location One International Residency Program in New York City.

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