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SU, SEIU Local 200United confirm new three-year contract

July 08, 2010

Sara Miller
(315) 443-9038

In a ratification vote held July 7, bargaining unit members approved the proposed contract between Syracuse University and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU Local 200United). 

SEIU is the largest union at SU, representing more than 800 Physical Plant, University Library and Food Services staff members. 

As part of the negotiation process that began in early May, University and SEIU representatives shared proposals on wage increases, and subcontracting, the issue SEIU identified as being of highest importance. 

Under the new contract, SEIU employees will receive wage increases equal to the pro-forma increment for non-exempt University employees, for each of the next three fiscal years.  The first wage increase will be retroactive to July 1, 2010. In addition, new wording pertaining to subcontracting non-construction trades bargaining unit jobs is added in the new contract. 

“We’re pleased to have reached a fair and equitable agreement with our SEIU employees,” says SU Chancellor and President Nancy Cantor.  “This is a result of the constructive dialogue and discussion that took place between the two negotiating teams during the past two months along with the good faith efforts of SEIU leadership. We look forward to building on this positive momentum with SEIU in the months and years ahead. “ 

“Job security was our members’ highest priority this contract and we worked hard to achieve this landmark agreement,” says Scott Phillipson, executive director of SEIU Local 200United.  “We applaud the Chancellor and the University for working diligently to arrive at the agreed upon process, which is transparent and gives workers a voice.”

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