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The NewHouse Agency's Honda speed dating campaign goes viral

November 15, 2010

Adam Beilman

As a top 10 finalist in Honda’s Media Challenge for Honda’s CR-Z sport hybrid, The NewHouse (TNH), an award-winning student-run advertising agency in Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, has launched a speed dating competition and a photo contest.

NewHouseThe videos for the speed dating competition have quickly gone viral, garnering more than 1,800 total views on YouTube.

Seniors Adam Beilman and Yang Yang, and junior Jennifer Brotman designed the campaign with the goal of using social media to creatively depict the benefits of the car.

“The CR-Z is a very intimate car,” Yang says. “It’s really cool inside and out, but at the same time is pretty small. What could embody intimacy more than a date inside the car itself?”

Jennifer D’Angelo, a senior dual major in acting and advertising and star bachelorette of the speed dating competition, went on dates with four eligible bachelors in a Honda CR-Z sport hybrid.

“I had a ball taking these guys out in the CR-Z,” she says. “They were fun, adventurous and sexy beyond my wildest dreams. If you want to see some wild dates and get a good chuckle, you should definitely watch the videos. Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind, please vote for your favorite date.”

People out on Halloween may have seen the Honda CR-Z car in action. TNH has been holding photo events around campus, sending the CR-Z out on the streets during times when students are most likely to be out with friends. People can take photos with the car and vote for their favorite photos on The CR-Z Syracuse Facebook page at

The photo event is ongoing: If people want to take part in the photo contests, they can follow TNH on Twitter @youmecrz to stay updated on the CR-Z’s location. TNH will broadcast the CR-Z’s location via Foursquare as well. The person whose photo with the CR-Z gets the most “likes” on Facebook will win a gift card.

The publicity campaign is part of Honda’s CR-Z Media Challenge. If TNH’s campaign is chosen as one of the top three most creative and effective campaigns, three representatives will travel to Torrance, Calif., to present to American Honda executives and advertising professionals in December.

For more information about The NewHouse or the CR-Z campaign, contact Beilman at (716) 816-6627 or

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