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New health and wellness website liveU offers students expert advice, peer perspectives

March 23, 2010

Carol Kim Masiclat
(315) 443-8568

Today’s college students face a unique array of stressors and concerns that are nothing like those of their parents’ and grandparents’ days on campus. The frenetic pace of college life leaves little time for quiet reflection on values, goals and desires. Taking the time to focus on yourself, what you want, and prioritizing that can make a real difference. A new website called liveU is dedicated to providing information, guidance and stories about Syracuse University students who are doing just that.

“At Syracuse University, our students have access to a variety of health and wellness resources, from patient care in Health Services and classes in our fitness facilities to programs in our Counseling Center, such as the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course,” says Rebecca Dayton, associate vice president of the Health and Wellness portfolio in the Division of Student Affairs. “We have created a serene, virtual space where students can reflect on what their needs are, how to take care of themselves, and how to find help if they need it. We built liveU as a one-stop shop for all things health and wellness here at SU and in the community.”

Featured content on liveU covers topics related to physical wellness (”body”), mental and emotional wellness (”mind”), spiritual wellness (”spirit”) and what it means to get involved with and help others (”community”). Shorter pieces with useful tips will appear in categories called “coping,” “feel the love,” “party animals,” “recharge” and “work it out.” Guided meditation and relaxation techniques can be found in the “Relaxation Station,” a video module on liveU. The site also has links to various health and wellness resources on and off campus.

“For many students, college is the first time they are truly on their own,” says Dayton. “This is the time to master basic self-care skills like getting healthy sleep and knowing when to seek help when you have a problem. But we also want to encourage students to look deeper at their regular routines and learn techniques that help them be at their best. For example, the endless stream of e-mails and text messages can easily create feelings of being overwhelmed. Combine that with the pressures of classes, jobs and relationships, and it can be incredibly difficult to handle any one thing well because you’re trying to do everything at once. Using the Relaxation Station can be a quick and effective way to restore balance and get some relief from that feeling. We see liveU as an online oasis where the overloaded student can find some good helpful tips and quiet time to reflect and relax.”

Authored by both students and health and wellness experts at SU, the liveU articles aim to teach students about the importance of understanding all areas of wellness, making good decisions, and sharing this knowledge with others. The website is a collaboration among units in the Division of Student Affairs, Hendricks Chapel, the College of Human Ecology, The College of Arts and Sciences, SU Food Services and the Zen Center of Syracuse.

For more information on liveU, contact Rebecca Dayton at (315) 443-3514 or

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