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Sheraton Syracuse University receives green award

March 11, 2010

Will Wallak
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The Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center has received the 2010 Good Earthkeeping Award from the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association (NYSH&TA) for successfully implementing many green initiatives. The Sheraton and other award recipients were honored during the association’s annual “Stars of the Industry” awards banquet held in Albany on March 1. 

NYSH&TA’s Good Earthkeeping Award recognizes lodging properties that have developed a culture toward improving everyday operations and the bottom line, while maintaining quality service and meeting guest expectations. 

The Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel was recognized for its numerous green efforts, including a comprehensive recycling program that regularly handles a variety of items such as paper, glass, batteries, electronic equipment and televisions. The hotel is also recognized by the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) as a Blue Ribbon Recycler for its stellar recycling and waste reduction practices. 

“The Sheraton has always placed a high priority on sustainability in our daily practices and we continue to seek ways to move the needle when it comes to making improvements as it relates to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a better green environment,” says David Heymann, general manager of the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel. “We are very proud in accepting this prestigious award.” 

Several energy efficiency upgrades over the past two years have helped the Sheraton reduce its carbon footprint. These include a new roof with additional insulation, new boilers equipped with a “ramp up” speed setting and installation of a Guestroom Energy Management (GEM) system in all guestrooms that calibrates the temperature according to when guests are in the room by detecting infrared body heat. The GEM system has cut the hotel’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning expenses by approximately 40 percent. 

The Sheraton also has implemented other eco-friendly practices such as discontinuing the use of Styrofoam dining products; encouraging employees to carpool and use public transportation; and their in-house restaurant, Rachel’s, purchasing fresh local ingredients when possible to limit the distance goods are transported and the associated carbon emissions. There’s even a Sheraton Green Committee that regularly meets to discuss new ways of improving the hotel’s environmental practices. When it comes to being green, it’s truly a team effort, says Heymann.

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