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Martin J. Whitman's book named in Top 25 for investment strategy

September 16, 2009

Amy Schmitz
(315) 443-3834

A 2000 book authored by Martin J. Whitman ’49, an alumnus of the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University and the namesake of the Whitman School, has been named in the top 25 of must-read investment strategy books by respected finance website The Motley Fool.

The list, posted with the title “Every Shareholder Should Read This Now,” was composed by Motley Fool co-founder Tom Gardner. Each book is categorized based on the level of investment experience of its potential audience, with Whitman’s book, “Value Investing: A Balanced Approach” (Wiley), placed in the graduate school category.

“Value Investing: A Balanced Approach” is based on courses Whitman taught as a professor at Yale University School of Management. It focuses on three specific topics: investment, restructuring troubled companies and investment banking. Through value investing, Whitman’s book describes the process of becoming an intelligent passive investor, such as understanding the general financial environment and whom are the other participants in the investment process. “Value Investing: A Balanced Approach” can be purchased online at  

The Motley Fool is an online investing community meant to educate and enrich its members with helpful investment newsletters, stock research, articles and general advice.

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