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New 'Lights Out' campaign kicks off SU's Climate Action Plan by supporting efficient light use

October 19, 2009

Melissa Cadwell
(315) 443-9669

Syracuse University students looking for a way to combine their green, sustainable conscience with their creative, artistic side can enter the “Lights Out” sticker contest to contribute to SU’s goal of climate neutrality, as outlined in its recently released Climate Action Plan. The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) and SU’s Sustainability Division have teamed up to launch a contest in which students compete to design stickers that remind students, faculty and staff to turn off the lights if they are the last to leave a classroom, if they leave their room/office for more than 10 minutes, or if they leave for the day.

NYPIRG and the Sustainability Division have the common goal of bringing awareness to the campus to decrease its carbon footprint. Concerned members of the SU community have contacted both organizations about the need to reduce the amount of electricity consumed when lights are left on in unoccupied spaces. In the fight to lower carbon emissions, save energy and respond to the community’s concern, NYPIRG and the Sustainability Division will display the winning sticker to remind all students, faculty and staff to turn lights off when leaving. The sticker contest will run from Oct. 20-Nov. 30.

The sticker with the best message will be displayed above light switches across campus. In addition, the person who wins the contest will receive a gift certificate to the SU Bookstore for $250. Second and third places will receive gift certificates to area businesses.

To qualify for the contest, each sticker submission must be no larger than 4 inches wide by 2 and a half inches high and convey a message that will remind occupants to turn off lights when leaving a room. All contestants should visit to print or download the contest details and rules.

NYPIRG is New York state’s largest student-directed environmental, consumer and government reform organization. The Sustainability Division seeks to promote sustainable practices that reduce the University’s environmental impact in an economically responsible manner. Members of the SU community are encouraged to view SU’s full Climate Action Plan to learn more about the University’s goals and path toward climate neutrality.

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