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SU Abroad announces new SU Europe venture, new appointments

November 10, 2009

Daeya Malbouef
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Syracuse University Abroad has launched a brand new addition to its existing study abroad centers, SU Europe. Housed in separate offices within the SU London facility, the mission of SU Europe is two-fold: 1) to further intensify student engagement with host communities and academic pursuits and 2) to devote strategically located personnel and resources to the evaluation of, and recommendations for, the establishment of additional locations within Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This strategy reflects a necessary evolution within the field of international education. When the SU Abroad program began, American study abroad experiences were focused on gaining exposure to another culture. But in this age of greatly increased mobility, technology and intercultural exchange, a new model is required that aggressively works to facilitate even deeper participation and engagement with that culture.

In order to realize this goal, the SU Europe team will focus on developing partnerships with host-city universities and best-in-class American universities whose programs and locations complement SU offerings. Such partnerships will result in varying arrangements, from partial residencies within host campuses to agreements that expand class offerings by host institutions. The overall effect will be a greatly increased range of choice, coupled with a more integrated and transformative experience in which students learn and grow by adapting to and succeeding in an unfamiliar environment.

As part of the new initiative, Peter Leuner has been named director of SU Europe, effective immediately. Leuner has nearly 40 years of experience in international study as both a teacher and administrator, with the last nine as director of the SU London Program (SULP). In this new capacity, Leuner will lead the establishment and development of SU Europe as a platform for revising and expanding offerings. This will include the intensification of student engagement with host communities and academic pursuits, and the systemic evaluation of personnel and resources in regard to the establishment of additional locations within Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Leuner was the founding executive director for the Foundation for International Education. Prior to that, he was the associate vice president for academic affairs at Richmond, The American University at London.

Replacing Leuner at SULP will be Meredith Hyde, who has been promoted to director. Formerly the center’s associate director, Hyde has held positions of increasing responsibility over her seven years with the University. As director, she will continue to work closely with faculty from both the home campus and at the center to ensure the academic quality of the program. She will also be responsible for the overall administration of the program, which includes maintaining and enforcing University policies and regulations; providing for the general welfare of students; and providing leadership and mentoring for SULP staff and faculty.

“SU Abroad is known as a leader in the field of international education—a distinction that has much to do with the experience and passion of our staff,” says SU Abroad Executive Director Jon Booth. “Peter and Meredith bring deep experience and a collaborative spirit to both positions that will propel us into the future with strength and purpose.”

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