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Syracuse University student-run ad agency brings global campaign to campus

November 16, 2009

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The NewHouse, Syracuse University’s student‐run advertising agency, will launch a series of events in the coming weeks of November to make its mark on the global campaign Hopenhagen. The NewHouse is working to localize the global efforts by spreading awareness of the campaign’s mission among members of the SU community.

The focus of Hopenhagen is to influence the decisions made at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen on Dec. 7. It is during this conference that leaders will decide on concrete plans for reducing carbon emissions, minimizing the effects of climate change and ultimately creating a better future for our planet. The Hopenhagen campaign aims to unify the world with the hope that a global community will “lead our leaders” into making the right decisions at COP15.

Hopenhagen has taken a viral approach that includes an online petition, social media tools to interact and pass on the message and public demonstrations of hope that are now circulating the Web. Through such channels, the campaign intends to spark a people’s movement demanding the right decisions at COP15.

The NewHouse has chosen to mirror Hopenhagen’s efforts within the SU community with the use of public demonstrations of hope, viral and mass messaging, petition hubs around campus, support from staff and faculty, and by recruiting Hopenhagen student ambassadors. “Our part in the Hopenhagen movement is to enlist and inspire as many students as possible to sign the online petition ( and offer their message of hope,” says Joe Misiewicz, president of The NewHouse. “We aim to raise awareness and educate students on the critical decisions that will be made at the environmental summit. Our plans include several events and outreach initiatives on campus that will get students thinking about what gives them hope for a better planet.”

The NewHouse is a student-run advertising agency designed to give students hands-on advertising experience through the creation of products for actual clients. For more information on this campaign and the contribution of The Newhouse, contact Misiewicz at

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