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College of Law professor David M. Crane featured in NBC's 'The Wanted"

July 15, 2009

Jaclyn D. Grosso
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On Monday, July 20, NBC News premieres a groundbreaking television event when it sets forth on an international hunt for an accused terrorist.

Airing at 10 p.m. ET, "The Wanted" brings together an elite team with backgrounds in intelligence, unconventional warfare and investigative journalism. The six-part series focuses each week on real operators, in search of real targets-all in an effort to see individuals brought to justice.

CraneThe faces of "The Wanted" include SU College of Law Professor of Practice David M. Crane L'80, a decorated former U.S. intelligence official and the first American to serve as chief prosecutor of an international war crimes tribunal since Justice Robert Jackson at Nuremberg; Roger Carstens, who is recognized as one of the world's pre-eminent authorities on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; former U.S. Navy Seal Scott Tyler, an expert in urban reconnaissance and unconventional warfare; and Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Adam Ciralsky. Ciralsky also serves as co- executive producer of "The Wanted" with documentary filmmaker Charlie Ebersol.

"'The Wanted' is about seeking justice for the many victims of terrorism and atrocity around the world," Crane says. "It will start a national conversation, an important dialogue about war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and international terrorism, as well as the indifference and political cynicism that hamper international criminal law and the quest for justice. 'The Wanted' drives home the point that the rule of law is more powerful than the rule of the gun."

The July 20 episode follows Mullah Krekar, the founder and leader of Ansar Al Islam, an internationally designated terrorist organization that has been accused of killing hundreds of Americans and other Westerners. Krekar has been called "Bin Laden 2.0" and an "Islamic Nazi," and yet he has been living free in Norway-this after the Norwegian Supreme Court declared him a threat to national security and ordered him deported. In "The Wanted," viewers will be taken inside intelligence briefings in the Middle East and surveillance operations in Krekar's community in Oslo.

The following week, on July 27, viewers will travel to Germany on the trail of Mamoun Darkazanli. Called "Bin Laden's financier," Darkazanli was indicted by Spanish officials in 2003 for providing logistical and financial support to Al Qaeda, specifically in connection with 9/11. Still, he remains free in Germany. While the team conducts surveillance on Darkazanli, negotiations for his deportation begin between Spain and Germany.

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