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GoWeb3D teams up with Syracuse iSchool to bring augmented reality to campus

August 19, 2009

Margaret Spillett
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GoWeb3D, a global leader in creating virtual worlds, social networks and mobile augmented reality (AR), announced Aug. 17 that it will deliver mobile augmented reality to the Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) on the Layar Reality Browser through a unique collaboration. The Syracuse iSchool will be among the first colleges in the world with its own AR mobile solution.

“Our plan is to create a robust mobile augmented reality experience for the iSchool community and its visitors. Users of the AR will have a wealth of information about the iSchool and its surroundings literally at their fingertips in the mobile device,” says Dave Elchoness, co-founder and managing director of GoWeb3D. “It is a privilege to deliver this innovative Web communication in collaboration with the iSchool and its students.”

Layar uses mobile GPS technology to display real-time digital information on the camera view of a mobile device. For example, a student whose mobile phone is equipped with Layar could hold up the phone and scan all the restaurants on Marshall Street

. Information such as address, phone number and customer reviews could then pop up on the screen over the image.

Or perhaps a student is searching for housing. With augmented reality, the student could walk down the street holding the mobile phone and learn where there are apartments for rent, how much they’re listed for, and how to schedule an appointment.

In the Netherlands, Layar’s home base, Layar is enabling people to locate ATMs, bars, houses for sale, hotels and restaurants, among other things.

In addition to incorporating data concerning the iSchool’s exterior surroundings, such as streets, buildings and physical structures identifiable by GPS coordinates, GoWeb3D and the iSchool will work together to populate the iSchool’s augmented reality layer with information about interior spaces.

The Syracuse iSchool’s Anthony Rotolo ‘02, G’06, instructional technology manager and adjunct faculty member who teaches a course on social media, will recruit students to assist in integrating into Layar data about the school’s home in Hinds Hall as well as the people and work conducted within the space. Rotolo also hopes to extend the project to the landmarks and structures on the SU campus.

“Our students will be able to integrate information about Hinds Hall, including building information, history, office locations and biographies of faculty members and research centers,” Rotolo says. “Visitors or current students would view the augmented reality, or ‘AR,’ using a free application on their mobile phone. Additionally, this collaboration enables our students to work in this emerging area and be part of the rollout of augmented reality at Syracuse University. That’s exciting.”

Work has begun on the iSchool AR layer. This fall, iSchool students will be invited to collaborate on enhancing the Layar with data that will be particularly useful for members of the community and iSchool visitors.

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About the Syracuse University School of Information Studies

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies is ranked No. 1 in the nation for information systems, third in library and information studies and fourth in school media and digital libraries. It is home to innovative programs in information policy, information behavior, information management, information systems, information technology and information services. The school offers an undergraduate degree, certificates of advanced studies, three professional master’s degree programs, a doctorate of professional studies, and a Ph.D. The School of Information Studies was established in 1896 as the School of Library Science and is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA). For more information, visit the school’s web site at

About GoWeb3D

GoWeb3D is an award-winning global strategy, design and development firm focused on emerging social technologies such as virtual worlds, web3D, web 2.0 and mobile augmented reality. Based in Boulder, Colo., and Gurgaon, India, GoWeb3D creates engaging solutions using Second Life, Opensim, 3Dxplorer, Layar mobile augmented reality and numerous other platforms. GoWeb3D was among the first authorized developers of content on Layar Reality in the United States and India and has launched Yelp, Wikipedia, Mazda and other layers. For more information, visit GoWeb3D’s website at

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