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Syracuse Center of Excellence announces technology demonstration awards to three Central Upstate companies

July 20, 2009

Carissa Matthews
(315) 443-3507

The Syracuse Center of Excellence (SyracuseCoE) today announced that three Central Upstate New York companies have received a total of $415,798 in the third round of Technology Application and Demonstration (TAD 2009) awards. These demonstration projects are designed to improve air quality by testing for airborne contaminants and by creating the next generation of air conditioning and purification systems.

The awards are made possible through funding to SyracuseCoE from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). U.S. Rep. Dan Maffei (NY-25), like local congressional representatives over the past decade, has been instrumental in securing the funds that have made the TAD program a success. The announcement was made at The Tech Garden, a hub for the growth of technology and technology driven companies in Central Upstate New York. Presenting the awards were Maffei; Ed Bogucz, executive director of the SyracuseCoE; Pete King, managing partner of King & King Architects LLP and chairman of the SyracuseCoE; Nasir Ali, president of The Tech Garden; and Rob Simpson, president and CEO of the Metropolitan Development Association.

The TAD 2009 awards will push the total U.S. EPA funding to date for SyracuseCoE technology demonstration projects to more than $1.7 million, a subset of a larger portfolio of demonstration projects funded by the SyracuseCoE in the past. TAD projects are a crucial part of SyracuseCoE's "innovation ecosystem," which seeks to fund product and service innovations in clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality and water resources through research, demonstration and commercialization phases.

"Congratulations to SyracuseCoE for securing these awards and for your continued success as a leader for collaboration and progress in Central New York," says Maffei. "You and your associated firms constantly impress all of us with your innovative environmental research and demonstration projects, which have practical applications for the community."

The TAD 2009 companies were competitively selected based on their proposals for yearlong projects that demonstrate the "first proof of principle" or "reduction to practice" phase of a new product or service associated with air and/or water quality. Projects began in early summer 2009, and most will run through May 2010.

"SyracuseCoE values the U.S. EPA's continuing support of the TAD awards," says Bogucz. "Technology demonstration projects focused on improving indoor air quality are at the core of SyracuseCoE's mission, and the collaborations established through the TAD awards strengthen this region's reputation as a leader in indoor environmental quality."

The technology demonstration projects supported by the SyracuseCoE have a clear impact on the local community. For instance, Air Innovations of North Syracuse has created a system that circulates purified air throughout a home year round, dramatically helping asthmatic children breathe properly, especially in the winter months. This system has been deployed in Syracuse's Near Westside as part of the Near Westside Initiative. Another of the demonstration projects-by CollabWorx-will take place at the new SyracuseCoE headquarters in downtown Syracuse.

The award recipients and their collaborators are:

  • Air Innovations of North Syracuse: $150,000 for the "Demonstration and Commercialization of the HEPAiRx Integrated Energy Recovery Ventilation and Air Purification System." Collaborators: Clarkson University, University at Buffalo and Applied Healthcare Resource Management.
  • CollabWorx of Syracuse: $144,998 for "Open Web Services-Based Indoor Climate Control System, Phase III." Collaborator: SenSyr LLC.
  • HAPcontrol of Syracuse: $120,800 for a "Remediation System for Paint Booth Applications." Collaborators: Cornell University and Triad Technologies Inc.

"The TAD awards are a clear realization of the vision of SyracuseCoE to utilize collaboration between Central Upstate New York universities and businesses, to demonstrate new technologies, commercialize innovations, and create jobs and wealth," says King. "The growth of the local economy is evident in the almost 200 new jobs created by TAD and other Innovation Ecosystem projects since 2004."

"The three companies honored with the TAD awards are yet another example of the high-tech, cutting-edge work being done right here in Central Upstate New York," says Darlene Kerr, president of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce. "It's this kind of innovative work that continues to position our region as a global leader in clean and renewable energy. The Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and The Tech Garden are proud to be partners with SyracuseCoE."

"These companies are bright examples of our region's innovation and leadership in green technology, particularly indoor air quality, and the value of the types of university-industry partnerships facilitated through SyracuseCoE," says Simpson. "The U.S. EPA funding secured by Congressman Maffei accelerates the growth of our emerging greentech companies, enabling them to be more competitive worldwide."

The Syracuse Center of Excellence ( is a federation of more than 200 businesses and institutions that collaborate on sustainable innovations to improve built and urban environments. SyracuseCoE partners work on research, development and educational projects relating to clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality and water resources. In September, SyracuseCoE will host Healthy Buildings 2009 (, a premier international conference focused on green technologies for buildings and communities.

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