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Environmental Finance Center launches

November 20, 2008

Melissa Young
(315) 443-8488

Melissa Young

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at Syracuse University has launched, a virtual farmer's market that will connect New York producers, consumers and traders with local food fresh from the field. provides farmers with a no-cost, easy and unique venue for announcing and displaying their products all year long.

With, farmers can create an instantaneous listing to describe their products, as well as the quantity, price and location of their items. Consumers- including charities, grocers and restaurants-can post wanted items. Farmers can post items for sale, barter or donation.

Rural communities in New York face challenges to sustain their local agriculture. Supporting local food infrastructure is a first step toward decreasing energy use and supporting the local economy. This website is part of a surge of interest in developing new resources for local farmers and other producers to connect directly to consumers. Consumers can easily search listings within specific categories, or by location, to buy the food directly from the farmer. The website is dynamic and allows traders to quickly register and post at any time without filling out forms. The site also serves as a resource to farmers looking for new farmer's markets to sell their goods and network with other farmers, consumers and traders who are interested in similar products.

The EFC is tasked by the Environmental Protection Agency with facilitating the development of sustainable communities. EFC staff connect motivated local government officials and private organizations with technical assistance, assessment tools and funding offered by a large network of collaborators and resources. The EFC also provides professional training and community outreach to engage, educate and enable members of the public to make their own change toward improved environmental infrastructure and quality of life.

The EFC at Syracuse University serves the two states and two territories of the EPA Region 2: New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. will be monitored and maintained by the EFC staff and will be adapted to fit the needs of those who become members. For questions regarding, contact Melissa Young at (315) 443-8488.

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