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Case competition to bring together SU schools, JPMorgan Chase

November 13, 2008

Margaret Spillett
(315) 443-1069

Margaret Spillett

An interdisciplinary case competition on Nov. 14 will bring together Syracuse University students and JPMorgan Chase corporate partners to explore issues related to innovation and information.

Four teams of four undergraduate students will each choose one of four given topics- "Innovation in Financial Services," "Going Green," "Knowledge Transfer and Management" or "Privacy/Ethics in Information Usage." The teams represent four academic units within SU -- the School of Information Studies (iSchool), The College of Arts and Sciences, the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (LCS) and the Whitman School of Management.

The students were selected by their home schools or colleges. The team members from the four participating schools are sophomore James Benninger, senior Andrew Kieffer, sophomore Mike Loiero and sophomore Maxine Shaw from the iSchool; senior Chad Brooker, junior Lane Musgrave, senior Joonas Niiholm and senior Drew Sullivan from The College of Arts and Sciences; senior Peter Frey, senior Mike Lattar, junior Jeremy McCarthy and senior Gafei Szeto from LCS; and senior Jocelyn Lederman, senior Harris Levinson, junior Nicole Quidley and junior Gary Stefanski from the Whitman School.

The student teams will have to research the problems and solutions within their chosen topic as it pertains to JPMorgan Chase and JPMorgan Chase's core businesses. The students must then create a 15-minute presentation detailing their findings, present to four JPMorgan Chase judges, and field a five-minute Q&A session. The judges are University Professor of Practice Jeff Saltz and Drew Foster '05, Lauren O'Brien and Michelle Koch, all of JPMorgan Chase.

Each participating team will win an award, from $1,750 for the first-place team down to $250 to the fourth-place team. The competition will take place in Hinds Hall.

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