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SU Senior Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs Wells to assume new role

June 03, 2008

Kevin C. Quinn
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Kevin C. Quinn

In this new role, Wells will serve as a consultant to SU and will study national data and trends in higher education relevant to the University, with a specific focus in the areas of diversity, minority student recruitment and retention, and student life. He will advise the chancellor, vice chancellor and provost, and other staff on innovations in higher education to best serve the University's increasingly diverse student population. The new role provides Wells an opportunity to continue contributing significantly to the University and his field, without the day-to-day frontline management responsibilities he has undertaken for more than 30 years. Wells will be creating a national consulting practice focused around this work.

"Barry's three decades of service and dedication to SU, and specifically his commitment to opening doors for a diverse set of students and ensuring their success once they walk through them, has had a profound, positive impact on the University and the lives of countless numbers of students," says Chancellor and President Nancy Cantor. "We're pleased that the University will continue to have the opportunity to benefit from Barry's expertise and advice."

During his time at SU, Wells has had a substantial array of accomplishments that have engaged students in developing the intellect and life skills to become responsible global citizens and lifelong learners. Central to Wells' mission has been the creation of programs, services and environments that support and stimulate positive growth. One example is the WellsLink Leadership Program . The program, which is entering its sixth year, is among the University's premier initiatives for enhancing scholarly excellence and support for students. The program is named in honor of Wells and the contributions he has made to student success and achievement at SU. The award-winning initiative for first-year students of color focuses on academic and social mentoring, teaching life skills, and connecting students with a variety of successful leaders.

"Barry's steadfast commitment to creating a safe, diverse and stimulating campus for our students has made SU a stronger, more special place," says John Chapple, chair of the SU Board of Trustees. "The University is fortunate that moving forward we will continue to capitalize on Barry's expertise and experience in higher education."

Cantor has appointed the Rev. Thomas V. Wolfe , dean of Hendricks Chapel, to serve as interim senior vice president and dean of student affairs and lead the Division of Student Affairs forward through the transition.

Hendricks Chapel has long had a strong, collaborative relationship with the Division of Student Affairs. For example, in recent years the two units have created student-focused health and wellness initiatives; collaborated on issues of concern to the LGBT community; created a grief support program for students; supported Take Back the Night events; co-sponsored a student mission trip to Louisiana; operated the student Interfaith Living Learning Community; and sponsored various diversity training events and retreats.

"I have great confidence in the Division of Student Affairs staff and am certain that under Dean Wolfe's leadership they will successfully continue to foster our students' intellectual, personal and professional growth, and prepare them to become responsible campus, community and global citizens," says Cantor.

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