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Parking and Transit Services announces new parking plan for carpoolers

July 27, 2008

Sara Miller
(315) 443-9038

Sara Miller

Syracuse University Parking and Transit Services has developed a new carpool program that provides parking for two or more University employees who commute to work together. By issuing a multi-vehicle permit valid for use with multiple vehicles, a carpool arrangement allows individuals to share driving responsibilities, lower the cost of commuting and parking, and reduces parking demand and traffic on campus. Parking and Transit Services is offering this plan, effective immediately, as an initiative that builds on SU's leadership in promoting environmentally sustainable activity.

To participate in the plan, all members of a carpool register their vehicles under one multi-vehicle permit, which will provide campus parking for one vehicle; the hanging permit is transferred between the carpooling vehicles. The permit is issued to the primary permit holder based upon the primary permit holder's salary and parking location criteria; carpool members can determine who the primary permit holder will be according to the best lot option or best rate.

An annual $20 administrative fee will be charged to each carpool member, excluding the primary permit holder. The total cost of the primary permit fee and the administrative fee(s) is then divided equally among the carpool members and can be paid on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction, or by check or credit card. The primary permit holder is responsible for notifying Parking and Transit Services when a member leaves the carpool; no credit will be issued to the carpool members if a member leaves the carpool.

If a carpool member desires to park a vehicle in addition to a carpool vehicle, pay parking would be available in Booth Parking Garage at the daily parking rate of $6.50 per day. Carpool members need to comply with all parking rules and regulations as stated on the Parking and Transit Services website (

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