Syracuse University

Creating an open, safe environment: University Statement of Principles

Syracuse University’s mission of educational excellence and public engagement is rooted in its vision of Scholarship in Action. The fulfillment of this mission is tied deeply to access, opportunity, and cross-institutional collaboration. The Syracuse University community serves and partners with a broad array of internal and external constituents from a variety of communities, near and far, of all ages, in an intentionally open environment.

Inherent to fulfilling this mission is the recognition by all who serve the institution that there is a human obligation to provide safety for all persons of all ages who participate in its programs. All members of the University community are stewards of these relationships and must recognize the differences of power that often exist in them. As members of the community, we all have the responsibility to protect those who are in a position of vulnerability. This is fulfilled when all individuals share in accountability for this obligation. In this way, members of the University community accept and endorse the basic principle of safety that supports our institutional commitment to access, opportunity, and cross-institutional collaboration, all of which exist to serve the core mission.

The policies of the University are concerned with the conduct of the members of the community, and the University will make sure that the procedures regarding behavior and accountability are in accordance with this statement.