Syracuse University

Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual and Relationship Violence

Task Force's Charge

  • To continue to review the University's current policies, practices, programs, and procedures for preventing and effectively responding to sexual and relationship violence, and keep apprised of federal and state initiatives;

  • To continue to explore the promising practices of other institutions and resources available from other organizations, make use of the expertise of professionals at the University and elsewhere who work in this area, and develop evidence-based recommendations to help us craft a comprehensive, cohesive, and effective prevention and education program that will be a national model in these matters;

  • To examine and identify new and more effective ways of using technology, social media, and other means to better educate the University community about existing services, programs, support systems, enforcement efforts, and adjudication results;

  • And any other matter deemed by the Task Force to be of our community's well-being as it relates to the issue of sexual and relationship violence.