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Sexual and Relationship Violence

For Your Immediate Safety:

Contact our Department of Public Safety at 711 on a campus phone, #78 on your cell, or call 315-443-2224. DPS is located at 005 Sims Hall.

For Privileged & Confidential Support:

Contact the Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team at 315-443-4715, 200 Walnut Place (Counseling Center),

To Receive Other Support:

To receive other support, such as no contact orders, or to start University resolution processes, contact Cynthia Maxwell Curtin, Title IX Coordinator, at 005 Steele Hall, 315-443-0211,


Cynthia Maxwell Curtin, Associate Vice President, Chief Officer for Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, Title IX Coordinator and interim 503/504/ADA Coordinator. She can be reached at or 315-443-4018.

Sheila Johnson-Willis, Director of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion. Her responsibilities include affirmative action planning and working with departments on climate assessments. She can be reached at or 315-443-2377.

Dana Butler, Leaves and Disabilities Accommodation Coordinator. Her responsibilities include coordinating disability-related leaves and accommodations for faculty and staff. She can be reached at or 315-443-5367.

Andrea Carter, Office Coordinator, can be reached at or 315-443-4018.

Contact Us

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services

005 Steele Hall, Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY 13244



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STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus. Click here learn more.

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services

Syracuse University's Core Principles

The Code of Ethical Conduct is a statement of principles guiding the activities of all faculty, staff, and students. It provides, in part:

  • We respect the rights and dignity of all persons and recognize that discrimination or harassment in any form undermines the fundamental principles of the University.
  • We support a respectful environment through our own actions, encourage respectful behavior in others, and speak out against hatred and bias.

Our Mission

Serving Faculty, Staff and Students

The mission of the Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services (EOIRS) office is to work with faculty, staff and students to foster a climate of inclusion, opportunity, and diversity. EOIRS works across all divisions of the University to build community and cultivate a culture of respect, safety, and equity that ensures legal compliance but also goes beyond it, in accordance with the University's values. Its staff is dedicated to educating members of the University community about their rights and responsibilities with regard to how they are treated and treat others, and to assisting those with concerns or complaints.

A focus of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services is to support the University's non-discrimination policies: Syracuse University does not discriminate on any protected basis. This includes in admission, treatment, or access to its programs and activities or in employment in its programs and activities. The University prohibits harassment or discrimination related to any protected category. The protected bases include creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, age, race, color, veteran status, military status, religion, sexual orientation, domestic violence status, gender identity, gender expression or perceived gender.

EOIRS is staffed by four full-time professionals. The EOIRS staff is available to assist faculty, staff, students, and others on a variety of matters, including:

  • Issues related to SU's non-discrimination policy, summarized above
  • Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault
  • Gender discrimination related to any Title IX designated activities, including: access; admissions; athletics; counseling; employment; financial assistance; health insurance; housing; learning environment; math and science; standardized testing; technology
  • Disability accommodations (faculty and staff)
  • Affirmative Action Plan administration
  • Educational outreach on any topics related to the above matters
  • Individual and department level assessment and intervention

Key Concept: Intent versus Impact

Whether harassment has occurred is determined by the impact on the Complainant and not by the intent of the harasser.

"I was only joking," "I did not mean to offend," "I thought it was OK," and "I thought it was all just in good fun" are not legal defenses.

Access and Accommodations

Responsibilities to the Community include access and accommodations under disability laws:

Every faculty and staff member developing any electronic content must ensure that the content (emails, information on Blackboard, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) are accessible.

The University makes reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified people with disabilities. This is an interactive process. Please contact Dana Butler at 315-443-5367.


For Students: Office of Disability Services, 804 University Avenue, Suite 303; 315-443-4498; TDD: 315-443-1371

For Faculty and Staff: Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, 315-443-5367

For further information: visit the Accessible SU website.


Any complaint of discrimination or harassment related to any of these protected bases should be reported to Cynthia Maxwell Curtin, the University’s Chief Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services Officer. She is responsible for coordinating compliance efforts under the various laws including Titles VI, IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Title IX

Under Title IX, all employees who know or reasonably should know information related to harassment or other sexual misconduct (except if the person received that information through a privileged relationship such as a licensed therapist working with her or his client or an attorney giving legal advice to her or his client) must inform the Title IX Coordinator (Cynthia Maxwell Curtin, 005 Steele Hall, 315-443-0211, of the situation.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Speak Up and Be Heard

As a member of the Syracuse University community, you are entitled to work, study, and participate in the University's programs without fear of harassment or discrimination. It is the responsibility of all to ensure such an environment is maintained. Speak up if you witness harassment or discrimination, and report any such incidents that happen to you.

For more information, please download the Speak Up and Be Heard brochure (PDF).

Committed to Inclusion and Accessibility

Accessible SU

Syracuse University values diversity, is committed to inclusion and seeks to provide access for all people, including those with disabilities. Visit Accessible SU for the latest information on disability and accessibility at SU.