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Syracuse University and Haiti

SU-UEH Student Exchange Program

The Syracuse University- Université d'État d'Haïti (UEH) Exchange Program was an outgrowth of support efforts following the earthquake in January 2010.  The Syracuse University Haiti Support Committee (SUHSC) was established immediately after the massive earthquake and recommended effective ways for Syracuse University to support Haitian rebuilding efforts.  These efforts included campus and community-wide drives for clothing, non-perishable foods and other material goods for the Haitian people, as well as teach-ins about Haitian history and culture.  SUHSC also sought to contribute to the rebuilding effort as a long-term endeavor.  SUHSC proposed an educational exchange program in collaboration with the only public institution of higher education in Haiti, the State University of Haiti (UEH).  In this way, SUHSC wanted to support Haitian students to continue their graduate studies in areas that were important to long-term societal needs.  Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor welcomed SUHSC’s proposal and partnership with UEH as consistent with her stated vision of “scholarship in action” at Syracuse University.  While Syracuse University is a private institution, scholarship in action is part of SU’s mission for the public good.     

Chancellor Jean Vernet Henry and other faculty members at UEH identified three areas as essential for redevelopment:  Engineering, Business and Management, and Telecommunications.  Interested UEH students in these disciplines forwarded their applications to SU and UEH committee members.  In May 2010, an SU delegation and committee members from UEH met in Haiti to officially inaugurate the program between our two universities and to interview prospective exchange candidates.  Members of the SU delegation included Gina Lee-Glauser, Vice President for Research; Christopher Sedore, Vice President for Technology and CIO; Lee Badman, Information Technology; Can Isik, Assoc. Dean, L.C. Smith College of Engineering; Linda Carty, College of Arts & Sciences, Department of African American Studies and Co-Chair, SUHSC; Paula Johnson, College of Law and Co-Chair, SUHSC; Jean Jonassaint, Languages, Literature, and Linguistics, and SUHSC; Bonnie Ryan, Bird Library and SUHSC; and Achille Messac, Dept. Chair, L.C. Smith College of Engineering.  Members of the UEH delegation included Chancellor Jean Vernet Henry; Wilson Laleau, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs; Fritz Deshommes, Vice Chancellor for Research; Berg Hyacinthe, Advisor to Chancellor Henry and UEH Information Technology Consultant; Chantal Duma, Coordinator of Student Services; and Margarethe Rene, Assistant Co-coordinator of Student Services. 

In addition to the exchange program in particular academic areas, SU will also contribute to re-establish the IT infrastructure for the broader benefit of UEH and Haitian society (See IT Section).  In Fall 2011, the first cohort of UEH exchange students arrived at Syracuse University (See Meet the Students).  Members of the SU and UEH delegations emphasized that the launching of the SU-UEH Exchange Program signaled the beginning of a long-term collaborative relationship between our two universities and peoples.

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