Syracuse University

The Future Professoriate Program

Qualified graduate students in participating departments are eligible to join an award-winning program ranked among the premier models for Teaching Assistant training in the United States. Our Future Professoriate Program provides students with the experience, confidence, and documented performance they need to excel as faculty in higher education. We produce candidates who not only get jobs, but quickly become indispensable to the departments, colleges, and universities they join and to the students they teach.

FPP Goals

  • to prepare graduate  students for the range of responsibilities they will encounter as future faculty members

  • to effect a change in faculty culture by fostering recognition of the importance of teaching as a dimension of graduate education

What does the FPP offer graduate students?

Because the FPP is administered at the departmental level, participants’ experiences will vary. The skills and knowledge acquired in the program also position FPP participants to pursue related opportunities at the university, such as arranging and delivering Professional Development Series workshops or seminars and serving as graduate student Teaching Mentors during the annual New Teaching Assistant Orientation Program in August.

“…support and feedback on teaching (at the beginning, during and even after teaching a particular course) was instrumental in gaining self confidence and acquiring the skill sets necessary in the classroom.” – FPP alumnus


Questions about FPP policies, procedures, and practices?

Consult the FPP Participant Handbook (PDF)

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Participation Summaries for Stipends due Friday March 20, 2015

Certificate in University Teaching completion forms due Tuesday March 24, 2015

FPP Recognition Ceremony for Certificate in University Teaching Recipients- Wednesday April 22, 2015 8:30am

FPP Annual Conference- Thursday May 14 & Friday May 15, 2015

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