Syracuse University

What You Need to Graduate

What You Need to Graduate


Preparing for Graduation

  • Review Graduation Dates and Deadlines for 2014-15.
  • Check requirements needed to attend commencement in May.
  • Consult your department/program to determine whether you are on schedule to graduate, i.e., that you will be able to complete all degree requirements by your graduation date. You should do this at the beginning of the semester in which your anticipated graduation date falls.
  • Prepare a Program of Study form. (Consult your department as to whether you may file the generic form provided here as a PDF or a department-specific version of the form.)
  • Submit the Program of Study form to your department/program for review by your advisor. If it is approved, they will submit it to the Office of Enrollment Management for review.
  • Preparing to Defend: If you are planning to defend your thesis or dissertation, please review the thesis/dissertation defense checklist.  You must submit the Request for Examination Form at least three weeks prior to your defense date to 207 Bowne Hall. 
  • File Diploma Request To file a diploma request or to change your expected graduation term, please follow the "File Diploma Request" link under the Student Services section of MySlice
  • Electronic Dissertation/Thesis Submittal Checklist

 Please review the relevant links below when preparing your Thesis/Dissertation: 

Important Format Guidelines for Doctoral Candidates and Master’s Candidates with Thesis
Using Copyright Material 
Student Academic Work 
Thesis/Dissertation Style Resources