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Milena Gonzalez

"There is no elevator to success, you must take the stairs."

"This scholarship has not only given me the chance to study at a well rounded school, but faith that at the end of every tunnel there is light. Being part of Say Yes has inspired me to keep looking forward and Say Yes, not only to education, but to future success."

Name: Milena Gonzalez

Year/Class Standing: Junior Class of 2013

College: Arts and Sciences

Major: Economics/Accounting/Finance

Scholarship(s) received: Say Yes to Education Scholarship

How has receiving this scholarship benefited you?

Say Yes has not only benefited me by helping me through college and enable me to attend my number one choice school, Syracuse University, but also to believe there is always someone ready to extend their hand and help.

How did you find out about this scholarship?

I found out about this scholarship through my college advisor Ms. Debra Holden in Nottingham High School. I remember her telling me that my dream to come to SU was one step closer. Up until today I am still grateful to Ms. Holden for always pushing me towards success and believing in me, as well as my family. That is why I believe that when you have a dream you should never give up on it. There will always be opportunities to get one step closer to it.

What has your experience been like working with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs?

My experience working with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs has been excellent.  When I have concerns about financial aid they are always more than happy to answer them for me. I am glad that such nice and concerned, hard working people are there to help me whenever I have questions. I am especially thankful to my advisor, Christopher Cartmill, who has been a tremendous help for me throughout this three years of college. Therefore, knowing that a dedicated and supportive team of professionals are there to help is a great thing itself.

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