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About STOP Bias


STOP Bias was created to provide the SU community with resources to help those who have been impacted by bias incidents on and around campus. The website also includes information on how to identify bias, and ways in which community members can get involved with others and create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. STOP Bias is a University-wide collective effort based in the Inclusion, Community, and Citizenship portfolio of the Division of Student Affairs. The "STOP" in "STOP Bias" reflects the important steps in eliminating acts of bias in our community: "Spot it. Talk about it. Open your mind. Prevent it.

A key feature of the STOP Bias website is an anonymous web-based reporting tool that can be used by SU students, faculty and staff who have experienced or witnessed an act of bias. The  tool collects information from the incident, and offers the reporting person an opportunity to be contacted for further support, if they wish. To access the reporting tool, click here. For consultation, suport, and referrals, contact The Office of Student Assistance at (315) 443-4357.

STOP Bias partners
The SU community has a number of partners dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone, including:
- the Department of Public Safety (315) 443-2224;
- the Office of Multicultural Affairs (315) 443-9676;
- the Disability Cultural Center (315) 443-4486;
- the LGBT Resource Center (315) 443-3983;
- the Slutzker Center for International Services (315) 443-4486; (315) 443-2457;
Hendricks Chapel (315) 443-2902;
- the Office of Disability Services (315) 443-4498;
- the Office of Student Assistance (315) 443-4357;
- the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (formerly Judicial Affairs) (315) 443-3728;
- the Office of Residence Life (315) 443-3637;
- Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services (315) 443-1520;

As a member of our community, you are welcome to participate in a variety of programs and events that support the work of STOP Bias. Click here for information on them.

About our logo
The colorful, converging lines of the STOP Bias logo represent the variety of individuals and identities in our community, and the interactions among them. It was designed by graphic artist and SU alum Laura Baez.

For more information on STOP Bias, contact Radell Roberts at (315) 443-4424 or