Syracuse University

If I Don’t, Who Will?

If I Don't, Who Will?

"In class, we were discussing a news article about parents suing an elementary school to allow their young child, who is transgender, to use the girls' restroom. The other students in my class made derogatory comments and said this ‘boy’ would ‘never be a girl.’ It felt like a stab. I interrupted and identified myself as transgender, but…

"…I was ignored, and the conversation continued with more derogatory comments. I felt invisible. I had felt safe at SU, until that point. Now, I feel emotionally disengaged in this class. I do my work, but feel distant. As a graduate student, I have some experience and confidence, and other classes have been more positive. But it’s not about me. What about a new undergraduate student who’s transgender, and maybe just coming out? How would he or she feel, and respond?"

"I stand against bias because if I don’t, who will?"

This is one person’s real-life experience here at SU.

Remember, bias is fed by ignorance and assumptions, but bias is NEVER okay, regardless of the particulars.