Syracuse University

It Hurts Our Community

Bias Story

"…how that might feel to people who identify as gay, or what message that sends to everyone. Yet, it’s become socially acceptable.  When did the word ‘gay’ turn into a derogatory term instead of a literal one? Is the use of the word in conversations just a modern day crutch for a lack of vocabulary? The use of this kind of language in a hall, in a community, only accomplishes setting a feeling of inequality and apprehension. When I ask: what do you mean by ‘That’s gay’? Do you mean ‘That’s stupid’? students realize it’s not the same. They don’t really mean to offend anyone, and they don’t want to sound ignorant."

"I stand against bias because it gets in the way of learning from different experiences, from getting to know each other—which is way more fun!"

This is one person’s real-life experience here at SU.

Remember, bias is fed by ignorance and assumptions, but bias is NEVER okay, regardless of the particulars.