Syracuse University

Luk Boral

Luk Boral '06, G'07

New York City
Grant Audit Professional Program participant/analyst, JPMorgan Chase Finance/Auditing

Programs: B.S. in information management and technology and M.S. in information management

Luk joined JPMorgan Chase in 2007, and began in a two-year Grant Audit Professionals Program. Luk is responsible for internal IT audit within the Treasury & Securities Services (TSS) department. In this position, Luk carries different responsibilities in each audit performed: understanding the business needs and operations; maintaining a relationship with the stakeholders; analyzing IT processes within the audited area, parameters, and usage of various applications; assessing and measuring risks; identifying mitigating controls; and finally testing and grading them. Some of the systems within TSS transfer over a trillion dollars each day and a deficiency in any of them might directly affect the U.S. global economy.