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SUALUMS listserv is for reminiscing, career networking, alumni support and assistance, event planning and announcements and anything else directly related to SU and its alumni. Subscription is open to anyone who is an alumnus or alumna of Syracuse University (please scroll to bottom for contact information). SUALUMS listserv connects SU alumni to each other and to the university through email. The Office of Alumni Relations will make every effort to post messages with information from the University, about the University and about SU alumni.

The SUALUMS listserv is devoted to issues of importance to alumni of Syracuse University and intended for individual communications of a personal nature between alumni. Using email addresses of SU alumni who are subscribed to the listserv for any private, commercial, or political solicitation is strictly prohibited. Syracuse University accepts no responsibility for the propriety of communications resulting from messages posted to the listserv by alumni. If you suspect that there has been a misuse of this information, please email the Office of Alumni Relations immediately.

The following are "netiquette" guidelines for posting a message to the listserv:

1) POST! POST! POST! Keep the list active with anything you wish to post that meets the above criteria and is not a message that will result in personal gain (i.e., no selling of products or services). Concentrate the messages on those activities supported by the mission and purpose of the list.

2) DO NOT COMPLAIN to the entire list about what is being posted. These messages would be better addressed to the author.

3) NETWORK! PLAN! SHARE! COMMISERATE! CELEBRATE! There are over 500 subscribers and the list is growing every day. Keep posting those introductions that allow everyone to get to know who is on the list and what you do or what you want to do. Seek assistance, give praise, or offer help. This is a list of friends who have a common connection - Syracuse University!

4) DO NOT REPEAT ENTIRE MESSAGES IN YOUR RESPONSES! Just state which message or topic you are responding to. There is no need to include the entire message.

5) READ THE WELCOME MESSAGE! It could help avoid the errors that many of us make when we are new to listservs.

6) USE THE DIGEST OPTION: If the volume of messages becomes too much, remember the DIGEST option. Turning on this option will combine all messages posted to the list during a 24 hour period into one message - you will receive one message per day that you can read at your leisure. To turn this option on, send a message to: and type the following message: set sualums digest.

As a reminder to all who post to the list, DO NOT INSULT fellow subscribers, particularly the entire list. Keep in mind the mission and purpose of this list. If it does not suit your purposes, send a message to: and type the message: unsubscribe sualums. Any message sent to the list that we feel is offensive or not appropriate will result in the author's subscription being canceled immediately.

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