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Read what some of our Generation Orange alumni have to say about their Syracuse experiences and the reasons they’re giving back to SU.

Generation Orange

“SU shaped me into a well-rounded leader who is able to leverage his passions in his career. If it had not been for all the great opportunities my experience at SU provided me, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
– Brian Spendley ’09

“Syracuse University provided a solid foundation for my professional development. In the School of Architecture, I developed my understanding of design, and through leadership roles at SU, I gained skills in management, team dynamics, and negotiation.”
– Oswaldo Ortega ’05

“I had a wonderful experience at Syracuse University and I want to provide support to SU so others are able to have the same great experience.”
– Lindsey Gil ’07

“Without Syracuse’s education (and its alumni), I wouldn’t be where I currently am in my career. I also wouldn’t have had the best four years of my life!”
– Audrey Chen ’09

“Other alums should join the effort so we can keep the good name of Syracuse alive. Our diplomas are only as valuable as the school that is giving them out. I want to see VPA keep churning out great talent–and to help do so, I think we all can give a little.”
– Jason Mesches ’08

“Syracuse helped me build a strong educational and emotional foundation that has propelled me to where I am today.”
– Michael Squires ’06

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