Syracuse University

Own the Dome Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Own the Dome?

An overnight event designed to give admitted students an opportunity to get acquainted with each other and with current students, faculty, and staff, in a unique environment – the Carrier Dome!

Who can attend?

Only admitted students who have pre-registered, and their family members may attend the program. Only admitted students will be spending the night in the Dome – family members will enjoy a separate dinner and everyone will regroup the next morning for the Spring Reception.

When does it start and when does it end?

Check-in will begin at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 21. Students will begin leaving the Dome between 7 - 8 a.m. the next day, Monday, April 22.

What should I bring?

We suggest you bring the following: sleeping bag, pillow, towel, personal items/toiletries, change of clothes, flip-flops, comfortable shoes/sneakers for walking around campus during Monday’s Spring Reception.  Other than your cell phone we suggest not bringing other electronic devices or valuable items – you won't need them and won't want to keep track of them.  Please do not bring food or beverages into the Dome. All meals will be provided. Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited and will not be allowed in the Dome. Students who arrive without the necessary personal items/toiletries will be provided with a blanket and toiletries kit.

What should I wear?
Dress casually and bring layers! Be sure to check the Syracuse weather forecast prior to leaving home.  April weather in Syracuse can range from being warm during the day (in the 70’s) to cool at night (in the 30’s).

Where will I sleep?

Admitted students will sleep on the field of the Carrier Dome in sleeping bags.  The sleeping area will be arranged to provide each student ample space and comfort.

Can my parents stay in the Dome, too?

Parents of participating students may stay in any of the local hotels.  Visit our Accommodations page for a list of hotels -

How much does the Own The Dome event cost?

There is no charge to the admitted student or their families to participate in this event.

What is the schedule of events?

Students/parents will check-in at Club 4*4 inside the Carrier Dome between 5:30 and 7 p.m.  Light snacks will be provided on the concourse level.  At 7 p.m. students/parents will hear a Welcome from the Vice Chancellor and Provost.  At 7:15 p.m.,the parents depart the Carrier Dome for the Parents Dinner at Manley Field House. The rest of the schedule for the admitted students from 7:15 p.m. until Midnight includes:

-          A picnic buffet on the field of the Dome

-          Group activities including team building games and competitions, club sponsored activities, and photo opportunities

-          Entertainment and live performances by current students and Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola

-          Movie/snack/quiet time

Wake up on Monday morning between 6 and 7:15 a.m. to prepare for departure to the Schine Student Center for the Spring Reception.  Breakfast sandwiches will be provided

Where will the students shower or freshen up in the morning?

The Carrier Dome locker rooms will be temporarily reconfigured to provide the overnight students a private shower, if desired.  Students will also have space to freshen up, change, and prepare for their day.  Students whose parents/guardians are in a hotel on or close to campus may choose to go to the hotel in the morning to get ready for the day.

Where will students/families arrive for the Own the Dome program?

Students and families should plan to arrive in Syracuse by approximately 5 pm. Parking will be available at the Lampe Athletics Complex (at the corner of Comstock Avenue and East Colvin Street – there are entrances off both streets).  Buses will run regularly to bring students and their families to the Carrier Dome, Gate A, between 5 - 6:45 p.m. Sunday, April 21.  The buses will also run from the Schine Student Center (where the Parents Dinner will be held) to the parking lot throughout the evening. 

What will the parents do?

After the Vice Chancellor and Provost welcomes the admitted students and their families at the Carrier Dome at 7 p.m., the parents will be escorted to the shuttle buses to go to the Parents Dinner at Manley Field House.  This program will include

-          Welcome remarks by Dr. James Duah-Agyeman, Director of Multicultural Affairs at 8 p.m.

-          Dinner will be served at 8:15 p.m.

-          Remarks by Don Saleh, Vice President of Enrollment Management at 9 p.m.

-          Panel discussion at 9:15 p.m.  The panel will include a current student and representatives from Student Affairs, Housing, Meal Plans, and I.D. Card Services, the Parents Office, and a faculty member.

Is transportation to Syracuse provided?

Free bus transportation is available only for admitted students who have already reserved a seat on the two buses running round-trip from New York City to Syracuse. Only the admitted students who have reserved a seat will be allowed on the bus and seats are for the admitted student only.  Parents and family members of admitted students who have reserved a seat on one of the buses will need to arrange for their own transportation.

Those with bus reservations should arrive to SU’s Lubin House, located at 11 E. 61st Street, New York, NY by 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 21 to catch the bus.  The bus will leave Syracuse University at 2 p.m. on Monday, April 22 and return directly to Lubin House, where the students will be dropped off.  Students will be required to submit the necessary forms prior to boarding the bus from NYC – these forms will be provided to all registered attendees. Without these forms, student will not be allowed to participate in the OTD program.

Will students be allowed to leave the Carrier Dome during the Own The Dome program?

For safety and security reasons, registered students will not be allowed to leave once they’ve checked in for the program.  The entire OTD program for students will take place inside the Dome, including the sleepover.  Students will have access to everything they need inside the Dome, including food, bathrooms and shower facilities.   Syracuse University Ambulance and emergency response personnel, Office of Admissions and Syracuse University staff, Carrier Dome Security Staff, and staff of the Department of Public Safety will all be present for the entire program. 

What if a student needs to leave the Dome before the program ends?

Any student that wishes to leave will be able to contact their parent/guardian to pick them up at the designated Carrier Dome gate. Students not accompanied by an adult will be paired with a designated student volunteer.

What items should students not bring to the event?

Do not bring any:

  • Personal electronic devices (other than your cell phone)
  • Valuable personal items
  • Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or other tobacco products (smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Carrier Dome)
  • Pocket knives, sharp objects, or any type of weapon
  • Any other items you don’t wish to keep track of throughout the event. 
  • Food and beverages (all meals will be provided)

Syracuse University will not be responsible for any lost personal items.   If you take prescribed medication, be sure to have the appropriate amount of medication with you for Sunday and Monday.