Syracuse University

Financial Information


2010-2011 Academic Year

The estimated cost of attending Syracuse University during the 2010-2011 academic year is based on the following:



Housing and Meals (average cost):


Fees (Health, Activity, Cocurricular, and Communication):

Total:  $49,152

Other Expenses (average)

Books and Supplies (est.):


Personal expenses (est.):


Travel (est.)

Total: $2,808
Total Cost of Attendance: $51,960

Charges for tuition, housing, meals, and fees are subject to increase annually. Such cost increases are necessary to secure the highest quality instruction, facilities, programs and services for students. The University carefully considers all increases in fees to ensure that they are reasonable. It is important for students and families to plan for annual cost increases and to be prepared for the financial commitment.  Individual colleges may have additional fees.

For more information on Financial Aid visit the financial aid web site.